Bag Professionals
Ginza Tanizawa

Ginza Tanizawa, the long-established Ginza bag brand founded in 1874 (Meiji 7). Tanizawa invention - the Dulles Bag - inspired by the bag of US peace envoy member John F. Dulles, who visited Japan in 1951. Dignified and refined appearance continues to be loved by people in love with original genuine leather bags. The founder of Ginza Tanizawa boasting such exquisite history, Mr Teizo Tanizawa, invented the Japan-created character for bag (kaban), with two characters meaning ‘leather’ and ‘wrap’. When Mr Tanizawa displayed the character for bag (kaban) on the shop board in 1890, it became an object of attention for Emperor Meiji passing through Ginza. The Emperor Meiji dispatched an official of the Imperial Household Agency to inquire about the reading of the displayed character. It is believed that this was the occasion spreading the newly-crafted character for bag nationwide.

Modern reimagination of ‘leather’ and ‘wrap’ concept

The traditions of Ginza Tanizawa have been continuously inherited and the current master Mr Shinichi Tanizawa is the fourth generation. The representatives of SINCE1612 were very impressed when hearing about the creation of the Japanese character for bag (kaban) by the store owner, and decided to spread the history and spirit of Ginza Tanizawa to even more generations. Same as the founder Mr Teizo Tanizawa created the new word with ‘leather’ and ‘wrap’, we reinterpreted the meaning of both characters to ‘leather’ and ‘fold’ to align them more with the contemporary social environment, and decided to embark on a new product creation journey with the fourth generation master, Mr Shinichi Tanizawa.

Travel = Hope for the Future

‘Leather’ and ‘fold’ have been perfected into the portable leather tray, the VOYAGE. In the present time, when movement around the world is limited due to the corona virus pandemic, the meaning of the word travel seems to be changing into an expression of hope for the future. This creation was made with the idea of being taken along to your destination. It is permeated with encouraging hope for the future, a world where corona pandemic has been put under control and we are again free to travel. Also, this product is devised together with a leather strap to be rolled in the spirit of ‘leather’ and ‘fold’, and taken to your destination easily. VOYAGE, a new creation made together with the fourth generation master, Mr Shinichi Tanizawa, as homage to the founder, Mr Teizo Tanizawa, of more than 130 years ago. Times have changed. Still, we have enveloped ourselves with a creative first generation spirit to bring new products into the world.

Leather Shoes Specialists
madras Antibacterial Treatment

In order to respond to the recent changes occurring within the society environment, the long-established gentlemen shoe brand madras has developed antibacterial treatment technology(*) for the leather used in produced leather shoes. As a matter of fact, the last process in the production of VOYAGE is the madras’ antibacterial leather treatment. In order to provide our clients with products they will be able to use safely and securely, all steps of the antibacterial leather treatment process are hand-operated tasks, corresponding with madras’ quality. Despite the same leather product industry, Ginza Tanizawa and madras have not intermingled until this day through bags and shoes. Through SINCE1612, the three companies co-create the existence of new production.

*Alongside anti-viral treatment and antibacterial treatment, acquired also the SIAA certification mark.