M&L Trust Co., Ltd.

Began business activities in 2017. In order to prevent occurrence of problems due to ‘information asymmetry’, we understand prioritizing the safety of our customers’ business as a social mission. Engaging mainly in management and lease business, we implement management and operation of housing, office space, social buildings, hotels and similar. As a real estate consulting business, we engage in the following activities: drafting business budgeting plans related with new buildings, negotiation with tenants due to planned reconstruction, arrangement of simulation planning for succession occurrence event in cooperation with legal counsel, and similar.

Nukaga Co., Ltd.

Managing two gallery brands, the long-established NUKAGA GALLERY founded in 1977 and dealing with European modern and Japanese post-war art, as well as the KOTARO NUKAGA, specializing in contemporary art. Creating dialogue between art and society within the context of history and culture, altering perspectives, and shaping new artistic set of values as a calling. With a wide global array of clients ranging from national public museums, corporations and private collectors, providing advice from various viewpoints of the art profession and focusing on collections, such as their creation, deposit, restoration and other.


Luxury jewelry brand established in 1989 by Masatsugu Hara. First Japanese jewelry designer to release a collection at the Paris Haute Couture. The unique and elegant design attracts fervent clients from all over the world.
The concept of highly artistic design unavailable elsewhere and ergonomic structure depend on our <fusion of aesthetics and functional elegance>. Provides an exquisite sensation of adult playfulness.

Noble Traders Co., Ltd.

“Welcome to the dining table museum!” Trading company, managing the specialized tableware store Le Noble. Our company advances everything from purchase to sales, selecting tableware from all over the world. Striving to bring the culture and stories embodied by things through the perception of ‘tableware as the closest form of art’ to as many people as possible.


Japanese restaurant in Ginza, 6-chome. The founder, Mr Teijiro Nakajima, acted as the first generation master chef at the member only high-class restaurant Hoshigaoka Saryo, promoted by the known gastronome Kitaoji Rosanjin. Due to their continued good friendship, the Kappou NAKAJIMA received a signboard, single-handedly carved by Rosanjin on the occasion of restaurant opening in Ginza in 1931, as well as serving dishes created by Rosanjin, who was also a known potter.
The restaurant devotedly nurtures Rosanjin’s teaching of ‘enliven the ingredients’, and the current, third generation chef, Mr Sadahiko Nakajima, likewise abides faithfully by these teachings and prepares the ingredients with a courteous expression.

Ginza Tanizawa

Luxury men’s bag brand established in 1874. The founder Mr Teizo Tanizawa first proposed the Japan-created character for bag (kaban), crafted with two characters meaning ‘leather’ and ‘wrap’.
Bags carefully made with leather procured from skilled professionals, sown with thread. One by one. The spirit and commitment of the first generation pioneer breathe through Tanizawa’s bags of today.


Luxury men’s shoes brand established in 1921. Continues production of shoes devoted to ‘original comfortability’.
While following in the footsteps of traditional Italian shoemaking, pursues cozy comfortability and functionality, as well as refined design sought by Japanese. Madras’ shoe production know-how with a tradition longer than 100 years, continues to be transmitted and continues to evolve.