Hirotada Tokuma

Born in Tokyo.
CEO of M&L Trust, Co., Ltd. engaging in real estate business.
After joining the community-based real-estate company, besides housing supervision, Mr Tokuma also supervised kindergarten establishment and social building management. Following his independence, Mr Tokuma gained experience in intermediary management of sports facilities and hotels, as well as engaged in operation of commercial facilities.
Involved in Ginza YMCA activities since the age of 28. Through his activities, Mr Tokuma became very impressed with the depth of ties between the people of Ginza town and their connection, as well as their loving posture toward the town and the people.
As CEO of SINCE 1612, Mr Tokuma is immersed in action of fulfilling the role of the <HUB> for the People of Ginza Town.


Kotaro Nukaga

Born in Kanagawa Prefecture.
Owner of NUKAGA GALLERY and KOTARO NUKAGA, dealing with modern and contemporary art.
Owing to his father Masatoshi, who established the NUKAGA GALLERY dealing mainly with Western art in 1977, Kotaro Nukaga grew up in an environment surrounded by art since early childhood. After graduating from the art history major at the First Department of Literature, Waseda University, Kotaro Nukaga moved to United Kingdom, where he obtained a master’s degree in art history from the University College London (University of London). In 2008 inherits the family business, relocating it to Ginza in 2012.
Broadens the subject matter area to Japanese post-war art. In recent years, establishes contemporary art galleries KOTARO NUKAGA in Tokyo’s Roppongi and Tennozu, where emphasis is laid on talented young artists such as Tomokazu Matsuyama and Yuichi Hirako, and foreign artists yet unpublished in Japan such as Stefan Brüggemann and Tony Matelli. Kotaro Nukaga is mindful of the cross-disciplinary approach represented by dialogue between art and society, as well as broadening horizons toward other cultures and scholarly disciplines.


Meier Hara

Born in Shizuoka Prefecture.
Second generation designer of luxury jewelry brand <CESTA DI KARTI>.
From young age surrounded by English language learning environment, came to foster a mind inclined toward overseas. Departed on a quest for new horizons to Shanghai in his 20s, where he acted as store manager of Mian Hua Tian designer boutique for 2 years. Consequently, establishes own network of wealthy connections. Later, founds a local legal entity and presents CESTA DI KARTI using Chinese and English language skills. Upon returning to Japan, studies under the auspices of Masatsugu Hara, his father the jewelry designer, and releases own collection in 2020.
Engages in designing and creative direction in order to embody an even more luxurious everyday at SINCE1612 with a preference for ‘another pinch of salt makes the difference’.


Noriyuki Tsuji

Born in Kyoto.
CEO of NOBLE TRADERS Co., Ltd., a specialized trading company dealing with tableware.
After being employed by a large mail-order company, moves to United Kingdom to study business management at university level. During overseas studies becomes acquainted with European pottery culture, focusing mainly on UK. Upon returning to Japan, enters Noble Traders in 2010. Due to the opening of managed specialized tableware store Le Noble in Ginza, relocates to Tokyo in 2013.
Visits mainly European pottery and glass ateliers, travels worldwide to make purchases. Continues to look for pieces enriching people’s daily lives not yet available in Japan.
Acts as head of marketing at SINCE1612, taking advantage of valuable insights gained through experience.


Mitsuki Nakajima

Born in Tokyo.
After joining a department store in 2014, experiences the sales profession in men’s shoes department as well as women’s boutique in Kobe and Ginza. Later, develops new business as a holding, and gains experience in open innovation and venture capital management through a venture company and similar. Currently engages in marketing contents development and internet media management.
And at the same time, participates in management of the family owned Japanese restaurant Kappou NAKAJIMA. On a quest for new value created through harmony of kaiseki ryori traditions handed down through generations and the contemporary perspective.


Mina Asaba

Born in Kanagawa Prefecture.
After debuting as a photographer, participates in establishment of a production company in 2004. After 11 years serving as an official, joins a movie production company pipeline. While engaging in movie, television series and MV production, pursues various creative inspirations through artist shootings, CD jacket design and similar.
Currently independent as a freelancer. Besides engaging in photography overcoming genre boundaries and implementing sessions for advertising, architecture, manufacture, cuisine and similar, focusing on human portrait, executes also comprehensive art direction, creates graphic design and provides styling. Still photography for movies Her Love Boils Bathwater (2016) and The Sunday Runoff (2020).