Selected Ginza Quality

Design Concept
“Delicately fragrant, slightly seducing.”

For people with a taste of luxury. Created into a detailed piece of art through simplicity. Each detail is inspired by the Owara Kaze-no-bon dance, full of glamorous seduction. Mouth peeking vaguely from amigasa veil. Imagination stirring appearance, its sensitivity a representation of Japanese aesthetic sentiment. Thin core materials positioned between the hidden hook and tray, design emerging sublimely through silhouette contour. Bringing into existence the ‘delicately fragrant, slightly seducing’ concept.

Minute coloring of koba, up to six times

Koba is the cut surface, the outcome of leather cutting. If koba is not treated, the leather fiber loosens, resulting in cracking of glued parts of leather or darkening of koba, as a consequence. Depending on the time and season, one application of koba coloring requires 3-4 hours to dry. The application of color to koba for six times, increases the drying procedure for 18-24 hours. Usually 3-4 color applications suffice. The more the applications the edgier the refined character. Particularly due to the simple design, our efforts focus on detail creation.

Shrink leather made in France
Taurillon Lagun

The long-established tannery, Remy Carriat, founded in 1927 with headquarters in Espelette, southwestern France. Their reliable skills and quality continue to be loved by biggest industry names worldwide. Due to careful selection of wholesalers on a global scale, Taurillon Lagun’s shrink leather is extremely difficult to acquire in Japan. Gentle and smooth touch, the surest proof of superfine quality. SINCE1612 carefully crafts high quality with selected materials. The VOYAGE is produced by extravagantly applying two plies of the excellent Taurillon Lagun. Also, through gratitude toward the animal lives, and to provide the taste of genuine leather texture, SINCE1612 implements a policy of using the pieces to the utmost boundary without excess remains.